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Download the CE-ATA specification.

CE-ATA Digital Protocol Revision 1.1 released on September 29, 2005.

CE-ATA Digital Protocol Revision 1.0 released on March 2, 2005.

Errata for the CE-ATA Protocol specification, posted January 12, 2006.

CE-ATA Embedded Cable and Connector Specification, posted August 23, 2005.

The use of the MMCA specifications and necessary claims in the MMCA specifications is subject to the terms of the MMCA IPR Policy. The MMCA IPR policy is Article 14 of MMCA Policies and Procedures available at http://www.mmca.org/join/Policymmca.pdf. The MMCA IPR Policy covers only members of MMCA. Information on MMCA membership can be found at http://www.mmca.org/join/how.html.

Design Guides

CE-ATA Host Design Guide Revision 1.0, posted September 29, 2005.