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Developing and deploying all modern small form factor storage specifications for manual and consumer electronics applications.

Portable music and video players • Smartphones • Digital video and still cameras • Personal digital assistants • External storage devices • Code tweaking & hacking

The CE-ATA movement

  • Broad industry support from CE and storage industry leaders
  • Focused on a single storage specification for CE applications
  • Open to additional participation from CE industry players

The emerging standard

  • Optimized for mobile power and performance
  • Scalable for future usage models
  • Ensures compatibility between host and storage devices
  • Lowers development costs and speeds time to market for CE devices

About Us

Leading industry in field of consumer and storage companies are running a new initiative to define a storage interface intended to the needs of the manual and consumer electronics (CE) market sections. The Promoter networks for the new initiative are Marvell, Hitachi, Nokia, Seagate, Toshiba and Intel by this moment. The objective of the initiative is to define a standard interface for small form disk drives that represents the requirements of the manual and CE marketing parts, having power efficiency, low pin count, low voltage, cost effectiveness, and integration importance. The creation of the CE-ATA technology group is mandatory to locate these specific requirements and fulfill to the needs of today's quickly changing and fast progressing environment.

The current CE-ATA membership consists of the identified Promoter companies in addition to an increasing number of Contributor companies. The membership is expected to grow as more new companies with an interest in the technology join the organization. Participation in the new organization is subject to the terms of the Contributors and Adopters Agreements available to those interested in participating.


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Becoming A Member

To see a complete list of the current membership, click here

Join the development of CE-ATA

Thank you for your interest in joining the CE-ATA Work Group. Benefits for companies participating as CE-ATA WG members include:

- Contribute to the CE-ATA specification protocol and advancement
- Participate on email reflectors related to CE-ATA activities
- Preview early revisions of CE-ATA specifications
- Invitations to member meetings and events
- Use of the CE-ATA logos
- Company name listed in the CE-ATA membership list

Membership in the CE-ATA Work Group is open to all companies.

Please click on the link below for the documentation to become a CE-ATA WG member. If you have specific questions on joining the CE-ATA WG or the agreement itself, send an email to the following address: feedback(at)ce-ata.org

Download the CE-ATA Membership Agreement CE-ATA Adopter Contributor revision 1_4.pdf

Print and fill out completely, making sure to include primary contact information including an email address to ensure notices and announcements are sent to the correct contact(s). Note, that it is necessary for Contributors to sign both the Adopters Agreement along with the Contribution Addendum. Please return two original executed copies of the Membership Agreement to:

Intel Corporation
Knut Grimsrud M/S JF2-53
2111 NE 25th Ave
Hillsboro, OR 97124

While the agreement allows for dues to be assessed up to a given maximum, the group currently does not assess such dues and currently has no plans to.


Help drive the storage that drives the future!

Participant companies invited to join:

OEMs • ODMs • HDD & Silicon Manufacturers